Reduce Server Storage by Leveraging OneDrive in Office 365

If you have a personal email account with Microsoft you may have noticed a message from them stating that your personal OneDrive storage associated with that email account has been increased to 15GB. If you are an Office 365 for Business subscriber, personal storage for each employee was increased to 1TB.

What does that mean to you? Do you have employees that you allow to store personal information in their My Documents folder, or even on your servers? With the increased personal storage available in OneDrive for Business you can now send that data to the cloud. This will reduce remote backup costs as well as future storage needs for any new servers or backup equipment.

Migrating the data is as easy as creating the account then dragging and dropping the folders and files. This also provides your employees access to their personal files from home without the need of VPN or remote desktop access. This is a great way to continue to allow employees the freedom to utilize storage for personal needs without sacrificing business critical resources.

written by: Steve Heller - 7/31/2014