Continued Enhancements to Office 365

One of the reasons on premise licensing is going to become less and less prominent is shown by Microsoft’s continued effort to enhance Office 365. Over 80 enhancements have already been rolled out including product accessibility on Macs, increased storage capabilities and improved security features. These are enhancements and offerings that are not available through on premise licensing. Most of these additions and enhancements are based on feedback from customers and address the business needs they face on a day-to-day basis. Microsoft’s new mantra of Cloud First, Mobile First can clearly be seen in the attention they are giving to their hosted solutions.

These enhancements also extend to complementary solutions like Azure Rights Management and Mobile Device Management. Many Office 365 subscriptions allow administrators and users access to both of these solutions. They are also available as separate subscriptions for companies who have not made the transition to Office 365. This allows companies that are utilizing Office 365 to better leverage all features to manage their environments. Rather than using multiple vendors for messaging, encryption, data loss prevention and device management, all of these services are available through subscription and can be accessed through a single management console.

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written by: Steve Heller - 2/3/2015