Unlimited Storage Now Available with OneDrive

Since its initial rollout in 2014, Microsoft has begun to enhance benefits within their Office 365 platform to allow for unlimited storage within OneDrive for Office 365 subscribers. Since the inception of Office 365, both businesses and consumers have used OneDrive for personal file storage as well as sharing. Initially, Microsoft allowed up to 20 GB of storage per account. In June of 2014, the storage was increased to 1 TB per account, and because of increased use and popularity, Microsoft has now allowed for unlimited data storage within OneDrive.

There are a number of benefits to businesses using OneDrive for file storage and sharing. It allows your workforce to become more mobile, as OneDrive documents are available anywhere there is an internet or cell phone connection. It also allows businesses to free up server storage, as well as eliminates the need for potentially costly backup data, as all of the documents are stored in Microsoft’s cloud.

If your business has pondered moving to the cloud, OneDrive is a great first step, and with the news of unlimited storage, there should be nothing holding you back!

written by: Matt Lieber - 4/21/2015