All is Well

“You can’t have a positive attitude and be optimistic only when things are going your way.” Those wise words were shared with me many times by my business partner Bill Mackintosh, who recently lost his battle with cancer. Bill also ended every email or conversation with, “All is well.” That was his motto. I learned a lot from Bill and work to reflect his optimism every day.

Right now, it’s easy for me to be optimistic. All IS good at P&L Technology. Allow me a moment to brag... In the past few months we have moved to a new building – expanded from 7,000 square feet to 16,900 square feet – because of business growth.

But, buildings don’t execute; buildings don’t deliver, our employees do. One of our core values is to put yourself and the customer in a position to win every single day. This new facility allows us to do that even better than before. Our employees live our brand promise of 100% accountability as they listen, care and resolve each technical issue.

When I talk with our employees, they tell me that they want to come to work at P&L each day. They’re taking more pride in their work, and therefore, customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. Our new space has facilitated a “can do” attitude and a better team-building environment.

If you are questioning taking a leap of faith, I ask you to think of Bill. Take a dose of optimism and go for it! Stretch yourself; I promise it will be okay. Go big, or go home!

written by: Phil Lieber - 4/13/2016