Relax. We'll Upgrade While You're Out.

For many, summer is a time to relax: take a much needed vacation, enjoy the hard work that was put into the yard this spring, perhaps fire up that grill. This also means that during the summer, many employees will be out of the office. This presents an excellent opportunity to the IT planner. Even well-planned IT projects may still involve a certain amount of downtime that could normally impact employee productivity. But if large projects can be planned during times of lower business volume, the impact of change is greatly reduced.

For instance, after the mad-dash of preparing thousands upon thousands of tax returns, our accounting friends will take some well-deserved time off. Most accounting packages need upgraded every year due to changes in tax law. Usually, these upgrades can be planned and implemented well before tax season begins anew, during the summer months when customer needs are much lower.

Does your business experience predicted peaks and valleys of business volume? Knowing that certain IT projects can take weeks to even months of planning before they can be implemented, when would be the best time to engage us to ensure that your projects get implemented before business picks up again and tolerance for downtime falls off?

On the flip side of this coin, we have an active initiative to document as many of our customers’ seasonal times as we can. Our goal is to make our service teams constantly aware of which of our customers are currently in the midst of their busy seasons so we can fully understand the business impact of any IT incidents that might occur. Although we’ve been reaching out to as many customers as possible, there’s a chance you’re still not on our list yet, so we’d love to hear from you.

Take care, and enjoy your summer!


 written by: Jake Molko - 6/13/2016