Making the Decision to Join the Cloud

First of all, it’s important to start with a mutual understanding of what cloud-based really is, as the definition of cloud computing can be blurred depending with whom you are speaking. The way I describe the cloud is storage of an organization’s data outside its firewall or off-premise.

Investing in cloud-based strategies should come down to an organization’s computing needs and budget. When you purchase cloud computing, you are buying storage and functionality. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you contemplate moving to a cloud-based strategy:

  • Is our server getting old? 
  • Have we reached a stage in our company in which we need more storage?
  • Can we utilize applications that are web-based and not loaded onto our server or desktop? 
  • Is our IT cost overly high? 

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, then moving to a cloud-based strategy may be a sound business decision for your organization.

There are several myths about the cloud. I will touch on the comments I hear the most:

  1. The cloud is more expensive. Due to economies of scale, companies that try to do everything in house may incur higher direct and indirect cost due to dedicated resources and maintaining up to date infrastructure.
  2. The cloud is less secure.  No system is 100% impenetrable. As security threats become more complex, organizations need experts to identify the most important threats and preventing them. Cloud providers are experts at mitigating risk. Today’s cloud infrastructure is better than ever before.

What do we see on the horizon when it comes to cloud computing? For the last few years, much of the discussion surrounding cloud computing has been focused on determining the best and fastest infrastructure. More and more, individuals and organizations are finding that the large cloud providers – Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others – have created infrastructure that allows organizations to run at a higher scale with better availability.

Written by Rick Sheehy – 10/10/2016