It's Time to Check Your Business's Bandwidth

Recently I opened my cable bill to find it was higher than the previous month - enough to get my attention. We had been on new customer pricing which expired and standard pricing now applies. I'm now considering streaming our television through the internet so I'm looking at things named Roku and Plex and figuring out if Vue will run on Fire TV. Another thing I'll need to do is upgrade our internet bandwidth.

It seems like that's the case for a lot of businesses as well. You've got more employees using internet services, storing /downloading /uploading to the cloud and working remotely. At P&L, we've been doing a number of implementation projects focused on speeding up access to applications and data - between offices, on private cloud servers and public internet services. We're also connecting multiple sites through higher-speed, dedicated connections and have done upgrades to replicate data between sites and to provide disaster recovery and failover systems.

As was the case with my home cable service, the end of an internet service contract provides an opportunity to evaluate the terms, technology, equipment and provider. There are increasing opportunities to connect a business to the internet over fiber optic connections or between offices with technologies like VPN or Metro Ethernet. At P&L, we can help you evaluate and move to a faster connection, a more powerful router or firewall, a new provider or assist with a combination of infrastructure upgrades. 

Our team of engineers is helping me navigate the streaming media lexicon so I plug my Terk into a Tablo not a Tivo. Give us a call if you're interested in upgrading the way your business connects between locations and to outside services. We'll help you design the system that works best for your employees and partners while improving productivity, security, reliability and speed.

Brian Edwards – 11/14/2016