2016: A Year in Review

In reflecting upon 2016, my first reaction was “Where do I even start?” In the IT industry change is its middle name, but change really stepped it up this year! 2016 had wins and, unfortunately, some losses.

We started the year moving into a new 17,000 square foot facility to accommodate our growth and future needs. This proved to be an exciting time for our employees, business partners and clients. We had met as a management group last December and were very excited about upcoming changes to improve customer experiences but were surprised at how quickly we saw a positive outcome for our clients.

In March I was casually approached about taking what we do on a local basis, nationally. The management team always discussed replicating our deliverable on a national basis, but we lacked “boots” on the ground. Scantron asked me if having 140 techs in the field would help jumpstart this process.  As “things” go, we accomplished a transition very quickly, and now P&L has an opportunity to grow with more resources, people and services.

During this third quarter transition, P&L experienced no customer or employee defections, and in fact, recognized the biggest quarter in the history of the company. At the same time, we were recognized for the sixth consecutive time as a member of the INC. 5000 fastest growing companies in the United States. P&L continues to move forward in delivering world class services to our partners. Thank You!

2016 also brought sadness too many at P&L. Cancer is a terrible, terrible word which hit home very hard this year. Bill Mackintosh was a great friend and business partner of mine. He lost his battle with prostate cancer in March but his positive attitude is something I always fall back on. Days before his death he would say to anybody listening, “All is well.”

Steve Wroughton worked for P&L almost nine years and always had a smile on his face. He was diagnosed with liver cancer and passed away last month. The thing I will remember most about Steve is his smile, old-school work ethic and being a consummate team player. We all miss Steve. As someone who is married to a cancer survivor, all I can say is cancer sucks!

Here’s to a 2017 to remember…

Written by: Phil Lieber - 12/22/2016