Q&A: What to Look for in an IT Consultant

Are you in the market for an IT consultant? One of our account executives, Matt Lieber, discusses a few key components of the role of the IT partner, what specifics someone should look for, and the benefits that can come out of your IT partnership.

Briefly explain the role an IT consultant can play and the value that is received from the partnership.
The IT consultant should always be continuing to add value to the business they are partnering with. Businesses shouldn’t look at the IT consultant as simply unnecessary overhead. Aside from the basic blocking and tackling that goes into providing IT service for the business, the IT consultant should be continuing to educate, train, and understand the business in order to bring new ideas to the business that can result in productivity increases that will benefit the business.

What qualities should one look for in an IT consultant?
Businesses should look for IT consultants that have the depth and expertise to be able to understand the needs of your business and more importantly, be able to execute on those needs. In our industry, we often see companies who understand the technology, but they don’t understand the service aspect, and how to put executable measurements in place to provide excellent customer service.

Any general suggestions as it relates to the search/hiring of such a partner?
In any service industry, everything can look the same on paper, and the same goes when selecting an IT partner. Businesses should always ask around for references, and when talking to the references, get into detail about the service they’re providing. We also always recommend going to the IT consultant’s office to meet the staff, and not just the sales representative, to get a better understanding of how they will partner with you and ensure they have the competencies to provide the service that they’re promising to your business. They should also understand your business and be able to provide both a short term and long term technology plan for your business, and not what we call a “thumb print” of them just adding technology just for the sake of adding technology.

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Written by: Matt Lieber - 2/14/2017