Skype for Business Productivity Example

We’ve been on Skype for Business Cloud PBX for almost a year now, and I’m learning more ways to save time in my day while using it. After 14 years of working at P&L, I’m happy to say I threw away the last iteration of our phone extension list, finally, after noticing it still hanging on my board. Maybe you have this experience as well – you need to dial someone in the office so you go to the extension list and run your finger over every name until you find your recipient. You dial the extension, have your conversation and hang up. An hour later you need that person again (and if you’re like me you have no recollection of the extension) and the process repeats itself. How many times a day does this happen? Doesn’t seem like a big deal from a time perspective, but those thirty seconds of searching for a name X times a day, five days a week, really adds up in hindsight. Not having to do that anymore is a pretty good feeling.

So, now how is this done in Skype for Business? I type in their name and click on it. That’s it.

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Written by: Steve Heller 3/24/2017