Doing Business From the Beaches of Thailand

Travel has been a lifelong passion of mine, and our recent trip to Singapore and Thailand did not disappoint. My wife and I toured Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. We ate dinner off a grill attached to the back of a motorcycle, visited many wonderful wats (temples), and soaked our feet on some gorgeous white-sand beaches.

Although I try to unplug as much as possible when travelling, being gone for sixteen days necessitated making a couple of business calls to keep in touch, which gave me a great opportunity to test out the new voice capabilities of our Skype for Business phone system.

For my first call, I initially tried to dial internationally on my cell phone, but the instructions were in Thai and I couldn’t figure out how to successfully make the call. I was also worried about being charged potentially hundreds of dollars for a 50-60 minute call. However, I had the Skype for Business application loaded on my iPhone and was connected to the resort wi-fi, so I just popped on a pair of headphones and dialed the number via the Skype for Business application. Using this system, I had the same capabilities I enjoy when sitting in my office, even though I was halfway around the world.  The voice quality was crystal clear, the call was a local US call with no additional charges, and the caller ID that the person I was calling showed up as our company number. I could even take incoming calls to my office number had that been necessary.

As I gain experience with the new Skype for Business telephone system, I continue to find additional ways of working, such as this example, that are very beneficial to me.

Written by: Andrew Embury - 4/21/2017