Instant Intra-Office Communication with Microsoft Lync

Have you heard of Microsoft Lync? It's quite possible that the answer to this question is no as it is not a well-known product from Microsoft. Microsoft Lync is an instant communications tool from Microsoft that has the ability to improve the communication in your office. P&L Technology has deployed this software at our office and it is remarkable how much we have come to rely on this software. So how do we use this software?

  • We use the software to send instant messages to our coworkers when we need a quick response to a question. We all know that due to the amount of email we get that response times can sometimes lag behind. Instant message conversations mimic a real personal conversation where problems and solutions can be quickly agreed upon without the slow back and forth of email communication.
  • We use Lync in place of some phone calls. Oftentimes, we have people on the phone, but they may be on a conference call, or holding on a technical support call. While the phone rings busy, a quick instant message can get through and be answered easily.
  • We use Lync as a simple "In/Out" board. Microsoft Lync will pull the status from your Outlook calendar, and also show coworkers if you are at your desk of not. This is great for a receptionist that may be trying to locate an employee to help a customer calling on the phone. By looking at a single screen, the receptionist will be able to see who is idle, who is active, and who is in an appointment. This alone has been a critical feature for us!
  • We use Lync to share our computer screen and collaborate. Maybe we are working on a complicated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or otherwise want toshow a coworker what we are working on. Lync allows us, with a single click, to share our screens with people in, or even outside our office. This is also great for giving web demonstrations to sales prospects.

written by: Drew Embury - 10/04/2013