Certifications aren't just for the manufacturers

One of the challenges that service providers have is ensuring their staff is knowledgeable on the technologies in which they standardize.  P&L Technology is no different.  We have vendors that we’ve selected as providing the greatest value to our customers.  It is on us as a company to ensure all of our technical personnel understands and can service the technologies we utilize.

So how do we do this?  One way is sending staff to testing centers to achieve vendor certifications.  However that is just one part of the overall educational strategy.  Learning Microsoft’s standards and best practices is great and plus you get to have some cool acronyms to put alongside your name.  But knowing what Microsoft or VMware want you to know to achieve certifications and knowing what your clients need you to know to best service their environments can sometimes present a disconnect.

This is where we’ve changed the game a bit.  We’ve implemented our own testing criteria and required knowledge base that incorporates both manufacturer certification information, but also how it relates back to the standard builds and configurations that exist in P&L client environments.  Not only do these in-house certification programs better prepare our staff for when they go to pursue manufacturer certifications, they translate into more effective service to our clients. 

Since we’ve implemented these testing initiatives our service desk reports have shown the positive results.  Ticket counts are down and survey responses are up.  By combining the technical expertise with real-world client examples and scenarios we are able to continue making a difference in our clients’ businesses.

written by: Steve Heller - 1/31/2014