P&L Technology Targets Virus and Malicious Email Issue

If you've ever experienced the joys of contracting a virus on your work computer, you undoubtedly understand that it can put you out of work in much the same way as the latest strain of the flu. In some cases, you may need to wait a day (probably more) while a technican "wipes" your computer and performs a fresh install of all of your software. Not only have you lost a good day's worth of work, but you'll have to spend even more time reconfiguring your settings and trying to remember all of those auto-saved passwords in your Internet browser once your computer is healthy again.

While this scenario simply leaves you playing catch-up, today's viruses and malware are growing ever more sinister, and can cost you or your organization more than just lost time. The threat of losing sensitive business or customer information through virus or malware attacks is on the rise for small businesses. What many don't always understand is that a significant portion of these attacks can be prevented by understanding and embracing some simple, common-sense techniques. Educating your computer users on malicious e-mail avoidance is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to ensure the computers in your environment remain bug-free.

Our upcoming webinar on March 6th focuses on this very topic, and will feature some real-world examples of malicious e-mails, as well as easy, practical techniques for making sure they won't harm your systems. Click HERE to register!

written by: Jake Molko - 2/13/2014