Critical Update Needed for iPhone and iPad Users

A security researcher rocked the world of IT this week by disclosing a critical flaw that has existed in virtually all Apple products since 2012.  The researcher revealed that hackers could essentially disable "SSL" web connections made from any of these devices.  SSL is the technology that underpins all secure communication on the Internet, so this got our attention at P&L Technology in a hurry and we've been following the story ever since.  Here is what you need to know as a business person:

  • This issue exists in almost all Apple products. Apple Macintosh (Mac) computers, iPhones, and iPads are all affected.
  • You are most vulnerable if you browse secure sites from public WiFi. A public WiFi owner, if they were nefarious, could intercept communications you believe to be secure and see everything you are doing on that connection.  Many people use public WiFi in places like churches, airports, hotels, and coffee shops.  Everything from online banking information to your company email password could be exposed if performed on this public WiFi. 
  • Apple has issued an update, or patch to fix this issue - Action Required!. On an iPhone, simply go to Settings->General->Software Update, and click "Check for update".  If Apple tells you an update is required, we recommend applying this update as soon as possible!
  • P&L Technology has notified all our subscribers of the issue the day after it was known along with instructions on how to be protected. 

Security updates are becoming a bigger part of our technology service on a daily basis.  Unfortunately for business people, the severity and scope of these problems only seem to increase each year.  We will keep you up to date on the most critical of these events on this blog.

written by: Drew Embury - 2/25/2014