Secure IT Equipment Disposal Now Available

It's easy when running a business to let the minutiae and daily grind of running a business and taking good care of your clients fill entire days or weeks. But, its important to stay in front of the individual client and listen to them about their businesses, what competitive threats they are seeing in their markets, and what they need from their technology to gain a competitive edge and stay productive. At P&L Technology, each management team member has a minimum number of proactive client visits they are required to make each month.

In these proactive visits, a surprising number of clients continued to mention that they had a large number of old IT assets such as computers, servers, and communications equipment just hanging around their office that they weren't sure what to do with. These clients knew that the equipment could contain sensitive business data that could cause legal issues if discovered by a third party and that it wasn't good environmental stewardship to simply throw the computers away.

They asked P&L Technology for help, and in response P&L Technology is now offering a certified data destruction program that is available with all new PC deployments or on an ala-carte basis for businesses with old IT equipment they wish to be rid of.

As part of this new service, P&L Technology will transport the old IT equipment back to our warehouse where any disks are then removed from the computers and physically shredded to ensure that no business data is a risk of being leaked. The computers are then sent to an electronics recycler so the e-waste is kept out of the landfill. Finally, the client is provided with a certificate that guarantees data destruction as well as environmentally conscious disposal.

This new service has already proved wildly popular with our clients as they upgrade old PCs since it removes the hassle from already overburdened business people from dealing with their own disposal while keeping them from worrying about data leaking into the wrong hands. Give us a call today if you have old IT equipment junking up your office!

written by: Drew Embury - 6/12/2014