How the Microsoft Surface Pro improved my workday

By Jeff Newton on March 26, 2015

By now, surely you've seen the commercial from Microsoft declaring that they've produced a tablet that can "Finally replace your laptop."  Well, if you're like me, I huffed at the notion that a tablet could really replace my laptop.  Afterall, I've been trying to codger ways to make my iPad work for me in the business world for 2+ years with nothing but email access and frustration.  So, being the realist & cynic that I am, took the plunge to put their proclamation to the test.  Fast forward 45 days of everyday use on my new Surface Pro 3, imagine that, their claims have come to fruition! 

Video Tip of the Week: Using Lync to keep track of business phone extensions and employee mobile numbers

By Drew Embury on March 20, 2015

Watch Drew's two minute video on how to replace a phone extension list in a business office by using Microsoft Lync.

Have You Become Comfortable with Poor or Delayed IT Service?

By Chad Mohling on March 17, 2015

Each week at our sales meeting we give examples from our previous week’s meetings and interactions with potential clients. This week one example we discussed was about an initial sales presentation one of reps did at a local business. During the meeting, he was discussing how our service desk prioritizes and responds to open tickets as they are received, thus solving any computer issues in a timely fashion delivering our 100% Accountable service.

Video Tip of the Week: How to Gain Email Inbox Productivity by Using Microsoft Clutter

By Drew Embury on February 11, 2015

Watch Drew's four minute video on how to further sort your email inbox using the new Microsoft Clutter Feature.

Get Your Files to the Cloud

by Jake Molko on February 13, 2015

You can now put your entire company's documents in the cloud!*

Our customers have been requesting more cloud-enabled access to their files for quite some time. Consumer-driven solutions like DropBox have made the lives of countless individuals easier. However, these solutions usually lack the types of security and controls that organizations require for their file systems, and can realistically create more problems than they solve.

Continued Enhancements to Office 365

by Steve Heller on February 3, 2015

One of the reasons on premise licensing is going to become less and less prominent is shown by Microsoft’s continued effort to enhance Office 365. Over 80 enhancements have already been rolled out including product accessibility on Macs, increased storage capabilities and improved security features. These are enhancements and offerings that are not available through on premise licensing. Most of these additions and enhancements are based on feedback from customers and address the business needs they face on a day-to-day basis. Microsoft’s new mantra of Cloud First, Mobile First can clearly be seen in the attention they are giving to their hosted solutions.

Video Tip of the Week: How to Recover an Accidentally Deleted Email from your iPhone

By Drew Embury on January 16, 2015

Watch Drew's two minute video on how to recover an email you accidentally deleted on your iPhone or iPad.

Happy New Year

by Phil Lieber on January 12, 2015

Happy New Year! The holidays are always a great time of year to reflect on the year and spend time with family. As I reflect back on 2014, P&L Technology had many highlights. The one that stands out most to me is our engagement with clients during the first ever P&L users conference. The goal of this event was to provide continued education and receive client input to shape the future direction of P&L Technology.

Video Tip of the Week: Get Alerted when a Colleague is Available for High-Priority Conversations Using Microsoft Lync

By Drew Embury on January 2, 2015

Watch Drew's two minute video on how to use Lync to be notified when a co-worker is available.

Video Tip of the Week: How to Use the Snipping Tool to Create Documentation or Email a Picture of your Computer Screen

By Drew Embury on December 19, 2014

Watch Drew's four minute video on how to use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture error messages or create documentation.

Video Tip of the Week: How to Quickly Email your Calendar to Find a Common Meeting Time with Anyone

By Drew Embury on December 12, 2014

Watch Drew's three minute video on how to email your calendar to help quickly set up a common meeting time that works for you and your receiver.

Video Tip of the Week: How to Utilize the Mail Merge feature in Word 2013

By Drew Embury on December 2, 2014

Watch Drew's six minute video on how to perform a Mail Merge in Office 2013.

Video Tip of the Week: How to set Out of Office from your iPhone, which was previously not possible!

By Drew Embury on November 25, 2014

Watch Drew's two minute video on how to use a new feature in iOS8 to manage your Out of the Office reminders.

Developing a Strategic Partnership

By Jeff Newton on November 21, 2014

Having the responsibility to charter the course of your business isn't always as glamorous as most would envision. Think back to a recent annual strategic planning session to map out the big picture for the next 12, 24, 36 months and beyond for your organization. What are the topics your team focused on during the SWOT portion of your planning? Did you end up with more questions about the unknowns then come up with answers with finite direction? When it came time to assign action items, did everyone back away from the table slowly when it had anything to do with technology?

P&L Technology to Hold User Conference

By Matt Lieber on August 20th, 2014

Here at P&L Technology, we are always looking for ways to help our clients get more out of their technology systems and the services we provide.