Advertising Industry Success Stories

Omaha Based Ad Agency

I would like to express how pleased we are with the service that P&L Technology has provided us.  As an organization that also works in the service industry, we understand the importance of partnering with clients to create value added solutions to accomplish their goals.  We strongly feel that P&L Technology has delivered this type of exceptional service for us, and we have seen the benefits of partnering with them as our computer systems provider.

Your team's ability to promptly and efficiently solve our technology issues has been outstanding-and has proved your brand's promis of 100 percent accountability.  Additionally, we apprecaite the customer surveys you conduct, as well as your willingness to meet with our executives.  This allows us to give you feedback of how we can develop strategies to get more out of our partnership.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with P&L Technology for many more years to come.


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Chief Financial Officer

Lincoln Based Ad Agency

Dear Drew:

On behalf of the IT staff, we'd like to extend our appreciation for the job that P&L Technology has done.  Although we are not a typical P&L Technology installation, we have been utilizing their service for some time and are very pleased with the service they provide.  P&L Technology provides an excellent combination of technical knowledge with business experience that allows us to concentrate on providing our agency with specialized marketing infrastructure while P&L Technology handles the servers and wide-area network.

We are in the service business and understand how important culture is to a business relationship.  Their employees are very personable but more importantly understand and relate to the technology we provide


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VP/Manager Information Services