Matt Lieber

As a kid, Matt was pretty sure he’d grow up to be a professional sports coach, and his love of sports was clearly evident when he earned a spot in the Papillion-LaVista Athletic Hall of Fame. However, upon entering the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, he discovered Finance and Marketing and never (really) looked back to the dreams of his childhood.   

After earning his BS in Business Administration, he found himself in Chicago working for CDW helping school districts develop their technology solutions. Though he enjoyed what he was doing, he really wanted to be part of a growing company with a territory of his own. So, when the opportunity arose to become part of the P&L Technology team, he had no choice but to seize it. Luckily, it has all worked out, as Matt takes great pride in helping P&L sustain double digit growth.

What is your favorite movie character?
Mike McDermott from Rounders. He is not afraid to take the big shot while taking a calculated risk.

What is your favorite thing to do?
Golf. It is a constant challenge that requires as much mental toughness as physical skills. It is also a good way to get away once or twice a week.

Personally, where do you think you have made the most difference?
Every year around Christmas, we support a family in need.

Why do you stay at P&L Technology?
It is a company that preaches core values and making a difference for our customers. I see this every day, which makes my job rewarding. Plus, it is a very open culture, and we have a lot of fun.