P&L Technology maintains a library of howto documents and short videos which can be helpful for learning short tips and tricks that can really make a difference in your ability to take full advantage of the technology available.  We have broken them out into categories below.  Want one that we don't currently have?  Let us know and we will do our best to get it created.

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Available Categories

Microsoft Windows

  • Remote Access/VPN
    • How to create an Foritnet Web/SSL VPN Connection for Remote Access
    • How to create an Cisco VPN Connection for Remote Access - Windows 7 
  • How to use the Snipping Tool to create great documentation


Microsoft Outlook

  • How to create an email signature in Microsoft Outlook
  • How to access Microsoft Office 365 email/calendar/contacts from the web
  • How to share your calendar with others in your office 
  • Email your calendar to quickly find common meeting times
  • How to delete invalid entries from Outlook's Autocomplete feature 
  • Microsoft Clutter
    • How to use Microsoft Clutter to further clean your email inbox
    • How to disable Microsoft Clutter
  • How to use Resources in Microsoft Outlook to book conference rooms
  • How to quick attach recent files (Version 2016 only)
  • How to set the Out of Office feature  


Microsoft Word

  • How to perform a mail merge in Microsoft Word


Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync)

  • How to be proactively notified when a colleage is back at their desk
  • How to add the entire company to your Lync in one step


Apple iPad and iPhone

  • How to set up your iPhone or iPad with Microsoft Office 365 Email
  • How to set the Out of Office email reminder from your iPhone or iPad
  • Using Microsoft Word on an iPad or iPhone
  • How to Undelete a Message from iPad or iPhone Mail App


Android Smartphone

  • How to set up your Android for mail with Microsoft Outlook App 
  • How to set up your Android for mail with Built-in Mail App 

Microsoft SharePoint Online

  • Open files in Explorer view 
  • SharePoint Online transition video
    • Watch this video to master basic file skills in Microsoft SharePoint.  This video is designed to be watched before your company migration to SharePoint Online.  It will help you stay productive with the new system before a full training session can be held.  

P&L Technology Support

  • How to open a ticket right from your P&L Technology Managed Desktop
  • P&L Technology Primary Contact Handbook - Designed for our "Primary Contacts"