Skype for Business Number Porting Tip - Start Early

By Brian Edwards on May 19, 2017

Seeing our implementation team rolling out Skype for Business projects has been an exciting experience. Installation components are often a mix of computer-based (webcam / microphone / speakers), integrated headsets, touchscreen IP phones, mobile phone applications and theater-class room conferencing systems. 

Zero Day Attacks

By Scott Wilson on May 5, 2017

Zero Day threats take advantage of security vulnerabilities in computer systems that have either not been identified or have not yet had a fix developed by the vendor. Hackers continually search for these vulnerabilities in hopes that they (the bad guys) can identify them before the software vendor or threat protection companies (the good guys) can identify them. This race between the good guys and bad guys is never-ending, because software vendors are continually updating their code to provide new functionality, more stable products, or just another revenue stream.

Doing Business From the Beaches of Thailand

By Andrew Embury on April 21, 2017

Travel has been a lifelong passion of mine, and our recent trip to Singapore and Thailand did not disappoint. My wife and I toured Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. We ate dinner off a grill attached to the back of a motorcycle, visited many wonderful wats (temples), and soaked our feet on some gorgeous white-sand beaches. 

Skype for Business Productivity Example

By Steve Heller on March 24, 2017

We’ve been on Skype for Business Cloud PBX for almost a year now, and I’m learning more ways to save time in my day while using it. 

QuickHelp Webinar Recap

By Jake Molko on March 10, 2017

Back in August, we released a new product called the “QuickHelp Learning Platform,” a cloud-based software training solution designed to meet users where they’re at and provide immediate useful software education.

Cyber Security and Best Practices for Business

By Rick Sheehy on March 3, 2017

In order to ensure your business is secure from data breaches, cyberattacks, or viruses, cyber security needs to be a top priority. Treat it as a culture, an operational component of the organization – not just software. Support for implementation of a cybersecurity program has to start at the top and trickle down to ensure its being used to its full advantage. 

Part Three on Skype for Business

By Steve Heller on February 20, 2017

Adding Skype for Business Cloud PBX to our product catalogue, given the amount of Office 365 customers we have, is very exciting. It’s also incredibly powerful to speak with customers and prospects as a consumer of the technology we are recommending. 

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection - Wait for it...

by Brian Edwards on February 17, 2017

When it's cold outside, it helps to dress in layers to keep warm - one layer may wick moisture away from the skin, another can insulate, and an external layer provides a barrier against wind. While not as eye-catching as flap-bottom underwear and parka, Microsoft's Exchange Online employs a similar multi-layered approach to keeping email secure. One of those layers - Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) - was recently updated and I decided to try it on.

Q&A: What to Look for in an IT Consultant

by Matt Lieber on February 14, 2017

Are you in the market for an IT consultant? One of our account executives, Matt Lieber, discusses a few key components of the role of the IT partner, what specifics someone should look for, and the benefits that can come out of your IT partnership.

Part Two on Skype for Business

by Scott Wilson on February 3, 2017

As part of our Skype for Business blog series, Scott offers some insight on his experience with the new platform.

Added Features for Skype for Business

by Kyle Swanda on January 9, 2017

Skype for Business is changing the way businesses communicate. Easily switch between email, messaging, voice, video and conferencing with a couple of clicks. Talking about your business and presenting to your customers is now much easier. 

2016: A Year in Review

by Phil Lieber on December 22, 2016

As we look toward a productive 2017, we take a moment to reflect on the past year and all the changes at P&L Technology.

Does Your Business Have The Right Tools?

by Scott Wilson on December 8, 2016

The new year is a perfect time to examine the tools you're using within your business. Are they enhancing your productivity, or slowing you down? 

Thankful for YOU - Our Clients and Team

By Andrew Embury on November 23, 2016

As I write this blog, it is the day before Thanksgiving, a day that affords us a special moment to reflect on the past year and give thanks for all that is good in our lives… 

It's Time to Check Your Business's Bandwidth

By Brian Edwards on November 14, 2016

As a business grows, its technology needs change and expand. Our team can create a customized plan to make sure your business is using all of its technology resources to the greatest extent.