Get Your Files to the Cloud

You can now put your entire company's documents in the cloud!*

Our customers have been requesting more cloud-enabled access to their files for quite some time. Consumer-driven solutions like DropBox have made the lives of countless individuals easier. However, these solutions usually lack the types of security and controls that organizations require for their file systems, and can realistically create more problems than they solve.

Thanks to new features and continued improvements in SharePoint Online, one of the many products in the Office 365 suite, P&L Technology has been able to help transform several of our customers' environments into cloud-enabled collaboration centers. An example of some of the things we've helped our customers implement:

Complete migration of onsite file server to the cloud
With all company documents in the cloud, users can access and edit them from almost any device, and even have multiple people editing the same document at once. Users can even share internal documents with external parties and give them read-only or even edit rights. No more emailing copies of documents back and forth and trying to merge them later!

Secure online portal
Need a place to share invoices, photos, CAD files, or other documents with external parties in a secure, controlled fashion? Is it difficult for you to share large documents with external people because of email attachment limitations? This might be a solution for you!

Internal knowledge base
A controlled information repostory available anywhere to anyone with proper access rights. Control ability to add, modify, or delete information, and promote or publish information to easily-seen places.

Notice the asterisk on the tagline? Although many organizations can immediately take advantage of the features described here, some careful planning is needed to ensure that the move of your files goes smoothly. Call us today for a free initial consultation to see if SharePoint is right for you!

 written by: Jake Molko - 2/13/2015