Have You Become Comfortable with Poor or Delayed IT Service?

Each week at our sales meeting we give examples from our previous week's meetings and interactions with potential clients. This week one example we discussed was about an initial sales presentation one of reps did at a local business. During the meeting, he was discussing how our service desk prioritizes and responds to open tickets as they are received, thus solving any computer issues in a timely fashion delivering our 100% Accountable service.

The potential client responded that their current IT company sent someone onsite each Thursday to resolve their computer issues for the entire week at once. The prospective client also asked if we offered a similar service as they felt comfortable having weekly access to an engineer rather than a help desk.

Our rep explained the strategic rationale for P&L Technology's support system:

  1. What happens to your productivity if you experience a computer issue on Friday? Do you wait until next Thursday for the engineer to show up? Most often the answer to this is "yes", an example of the customer being comfortable with what we would call poor service and responsiveness.
  2. If the engineer arrives on Thursday and doesn't complete the full list of issues for the week, do they wait until next week to complete said list? Again, "yes" is often the answer. The engineer works on the most critical issues first in such a scenario and often times the minor annoyances wait months to get fixed. This leads to staff frustration, reduced productivity and unhappy employees.
  3. Is someone in the office responsible for keeping the list of the week's computer problems? This simply adds work to a company employee, which is likely not related to their job description and/or takes away from productivity. Tracking details of tech issues and problems is a distraction and staff time drain.

Having an IT partner like P&L Technology that provides real-time solutions to your computer issues results in a more productive and efficient office by simply delivering a high standard of service that is responsive, guaranteed and focused on finding proactive solutions.

written by: Chad Mohling - 3/17/2015