How is the FBI Combatting Cyber Attacks?

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By Kyle Swanda, Authos

The internet has made the world much more accessible to all. You can locate information about something here in your hometown, or from as far away as the tiniest island in the South Pacific. It’s easy to Google any topic and gain access to hundreds of information sources within seconds; and you have the ability to connect with almost anyone worldwide.

But, with such accessibility and ease comes hidden vulnerabilities. The internet also provides access to a world of information that can be accessed for criminal purposes, putting individuals and companies at risk. This has become such a prevalent issue that you hear about the latest hacking scandal or cyber-attack almost nightly on the news. From Home Depot to Target, to Sony and Apple, no one is immune to the world of cyber security threats. The number and scale of attacks are increasing at an alarming rate.

To counter and preempt attacks, the United States has a FBI Cyber Task Force, which is dedicated to the investigation, prosecution and prevention of such crimes. As you can imagine, they are constantly busy as technology changes and criminals uncover even more sophisticated means of compromising online information.

To provide clients with an insight into cyber threats and the methods by which the FBI is countering such issues, we will feature Kenneth Schmutz, Supervisor of the Omaha Cyber Task Force, at our upcoming Discover NOLOGY User Conference on Nov. 10. He will deliver the lunch keynote presentation, focusing on the FBI's latest strategies and tactics to protect you, your children and your company from internet crime.

The methods by which attacks are coordinated these days is mind altering. The level of sophistication used by criminals is second to none, and the resources they have access to rivals some large organizations. I've heard presentations centered on this topic a number of times, and every single time it is eye opening. Everyone has heard the news stories, now hear from the people on the front line fighting the battle day in and day out.

I encourage any and all to attend, as it certainly is eye-opening look at what is happening today on the world’s networks. More information on the full event and registration information can be found here.

Kyle Swanda
President, Authos

written by: Kyle Swanda - 7/8/2015