IT Security Complacency

"I never thought this could happen to us." These are the famous last words when a company experiences an IT security breach or experiences data loss.

I recently presented to a group of professionals at a regional association meeting and the topic, for the third straight year, was centered on IT security. By a show of hands I polled the audience on who had integrated the most basic preventative measures, encryption and password policies, and the response was minimal.

Working daily with companies on marrying business goals with IT plans, we find an overall failure to view data security as a business problem when it is just that. Safeguarding intellectual property, financial information, and your company’s reputation is a crucial part of business strategy.

On a daily basis, information security isn’t something that doesn't get a great deal of attention. Yet when news about a high-profile cyberattack heightens fear, organization leaders might wonder how such a breach would impact their customers, business and shareholders. But when the news fades, it’s often back to business and information security is pushed to the backburner or forgotten.

If an incident, no matter how small, hits a company the normal action tends to be damage-control, dealing with stolen data, confidential financial information, or other issues. The reactive approach is all too common. Business owners should have the mindset that it's not if, but when, a security issue will impact their IT structure.

Companies risk financial losses, theft of intellectual property, damage to reputation, and other impacts. There are many reasons to make IT security a proactive priority, but it doesn't have to be all-consuming for those running the business. A strong approach that connects information security with business strategy will enable a company to be more successful.

Acting as both an IT expert, and a business partner, P&L Technology works with clients to manage and minimize risk. Our goal is to allow professionals to focus on what they do best and we focus on IT and data security measures.

written by: Phil Lieber - 11/4/2015