Migrating to the Cloud

Technology is changing as quickly as time changes; if you are not keeping up, you are falling behind. We generate a large amount of data every day. As that information piles up, companies need more and more storage. Although the expense of infrastructure has declined, moving your files – or even your business – to a cloud or managed service has become more cost effective than hosting on your own servers on site.

Mobility is one of the most exciting advancements in technology recently – and it’s only going to continue to grow and expand. Thanks to cloud computing, there is so much information at our fingertips – whether on our smart phones, iPads or even our watches! Applications that were once native to desktop and local servers are becoming increasingly compatible with the cloud environment. The want and need to access information anywhere, anytime continues to grow.  

Another benefit of utilizing the cloud – disaster recovery. Every business should have a disaster recovery plan. Ask your IT department or service provider about where to start, if you don’t already have a plan in place. If you are effectively utilizing the cloud, important data is regularly and automatically backed up and stored in secure, off-site data centers.

Cloud security continues to improve, primarily because organizations continue to insist on it. It is important for your business or organization to develop a good relationship with a cloud provider that has appropriate certifications and is capable of providing regular audits. The largest threat of security comes from not having appropriate internal policies about password production, document encryption, unauthorized access and the like.

If you are interested in getting started with cloud computing, or better utilizing your cloud capabilities, P&L Technology is able to assist you. Contact our Omaha office at 402-330-9580 or in Lincoln at 402-742-0118.

written by: Rick Sheehy - 1/6/2016