Roadtrip Toolkit

Not everyone considers driving 3,200 miles with the family a vacation but I had a blast.  We just got back; the kids were good, saw the country, had fun and I worked most every morning.  Working remotely allowed me to extend the trip while ending the quarter and staying in touch with my team.

At P&L our primary workflow tools are web-based, easy to access from almost anywhere and are mostly device agnostic.  Here's a quick listing of what makes up my toolkit:

  • Laptop - I used a Windows laptop with good processor, memory and storage.  I also brought a power strip and threw in an external mouse and keyboard to make things a little easier for me.
  • External Monitor - As this was a Griswold-style family vacation and we were driving, I packed an external monitor.  If I had been flying I would have skipped this step, but it boosted my productivity and we had plenty of room.
  • Wireless Headset - A comfortable, quality headset that connected to my laptop and phone helped me clearly hear and be heard on calls and online meetings.
  • Skype for Business - I used this daily for audio calls, video calls, group meetings, desktop sharing / presentation and chat / messaging.  It is integrated with my Outlook calendar and contacts, and worked without a hitch in and out of different wireless / network environments.
  • Microsoft Office 365 - The productivity suite subscription installed on multiple devices - desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet - provides the ability to access and edit files in the browser.
  • SharePoint - Our company team site hosts public and group files and allows collaboration, publishing and versioning.
  • OneDrive - Access to my personal / private files online and synchronized across desktop and laptop storage.  OneDrive made it easy to pick up wherever I left off independent of location or device.

When you have the opportunity to leave work behind please do so - we all need to unplug.  When by design or out of necessity you combine work and play, it can help to have a good toolkit.  Put together what you need and test it before heading out - you can stay connected, be productive and have fun.

If you'd like to discuss implementing or expanding a hybrid cloud solution call P&L at 800.698.1686 or email us, we’re happy to help.

wirtten by: Brian Edwards - 7/19/2016