Windows XP - Dead Man Walking

Windows XP was released by Microsoft in 2001 and after 12 solid years - an eternity in the IT world - Microsoft has declared that it will go "end of life" on April 8, 2014. This date is very important to pay attention to for several reasons:

  • Microsoft will no longer be offering security fixes after this date. Microsoft has stated that after April 8th, 2014, there will no longer be security updates for Windows XP. This is important because if Windows XP systems are left in place after this date, it could open your business to spyware, virus, and attacks from hackers on the Internet.
  • Many third-party software vendors are following Microsoft and not certifying their software on Windows XP. P&L Technology has already seen several third-party software companies discontinue support for Windows XP, and this is likely to accelerate after April 8, 2014. These are the applications that our customers depend on to run their business and it is of critical importance to ensure your software vendors are going to continue to support Windows XP.
  • Later operating systems and the PCs that run them are simply better. Windows 7 and beyond are much more stable, run faster, and are more secure. In addition, if you have Windows XP, you probably have this running on a 5+ year old PC that is causing business productivity to slow.
  • Keeping systems current is important - A Call to Action. Businesses should address this looming date soon and not wait until mid-2014 to address it. P&L Technology can provide an up-to-date list of assets as well as a budgetary plan to replace older systems with something that will be supported well into the future as well as provide productivity improvements to your employees. Give us a call today for a complimentary audit and plan. We will be proactively calling our clients over the next six months, but if you give us a call early, we will expedite your proactive review.

written by: Drew Embury - 8/05/2013