Microsoft Doubles the Size of Office 365 Mailboxes

Just last week, Microsoft announced that they were doubling the size of their already large Exchange mailboxes from 25 GB to 50 GB for every active email user. Since Microsoft’s launch of Office 365 in June of 2011, many IT professionals and end users have sung the praises of what 365 has to offer in terms of increased office productivity and simplicity. Back before Microsoft introduced Office 365, a typical on premise or hosted Exchange solution would only allow up to 2 GB of email storage per mailbox, and limitations of 75 GB for a whole organization on a Small Business Server. These limitations would often cause frustrations for end users as it would create bottlenecks within their email inbox.

As a proponent of all of the Office 365 products Microsoft has to offer, P&L Technology couldn’t be more excited about the latest benefit that Microsoft has offered within Office 365.

To read more about the latest mailbox size change, you can click on this article here:

written by: Matt Lieber - 9/04/2013