Assessing your position with technology

One of my favorite things to do is to go through a technology assessment with a prospect and watch as they really begin to understand where they are at with technology in the office.  One of my most memorable was an office with about 15 employees and during our initial visit the partners assured me they were on top of technology and that their IT guy had them in the right position to succeed.

After our assessment of their offices technology we found and presented them with many concerning factors with their current setup.  A lot of the issues were minor, but when we were able to tie a minor issue into reduced productivity the partners began to understand the value that we could bring to the table. 

A few examples of what we discovered.  One of their secretaries was unable to open, print, read, or even save PDF files and the current solution was to email a received PDF to an office mate and have that person print the PDF so she could read it.  This had been going on for several months and from what we could tell was costing several hours a month in lost productivity from each person.  It was an easy fix for us, but would have never been discovered without our in depth assessment.

Another example in the same office was that they were processing their email with Microsoft Exchange 2000,  they were using this software because again their IT guy was most comfortable with 2000 and had a system in place to ‘keep it up and running’.  The implication in this instance was that every week or so many of the users had to delete, archive, and decide which emails they really needed to keep in order to keep their email boxes under the size limit.  Again, with a few changes and upgrades to Office 365 we were able to show a great increase in productivity just by saving users hours each week by eliminating an unnecessary process.

It is examples like these that make our job fun and allow us to really put our customers in a position to win by showing and educating them on the correct way to use and maintain their office technology.  We are able to do so through hiring and educating some of the best engineers around and sticking to our proven process of managing your offices technology.

written by: Chad Mohling - 9/13/2013