Ransomware infection causing havoc for companies

You may have heard about a new category of malicious malware called 'Ransomware'.  Recently, company employees may have been receiving emails from seemingly legitimate senders with attachments on those emails.  Once these attachments are clicked on, the virus spreads through the machine and encrypts business files like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF files.  A pop up then appears stating that your files are now held captive unless you pay a certain amount of money; usually $300. 

It’s times like these where it is imperative you follow the rule of NEVER clicking on any attachment unless you are expecting the email to have an attachment or is absolutely coming from a trusted source.  Even then, a quick email to that source as to whether an email with an attachment was supposed to have been sent is an easy way to avoid the long process of dealing with and disinfecting a virus.

In the event that you have become a victim of Ransomware, one thing you can do is retrieve the most recent backup of your files.  If you need assistance in retrieving your backup information or ensuring your backups are completing successfully please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Antivirus software is another great way to try and stay in front of these viruses.  However, in a lot of cases antivirus providers have to catch up to the latest threats meaning there could be a window between the virus and the filter.  It’s a constant struggle for even the industry leaders to prevent these infections from occurring.  That is why it’s paramount that, as a user, you take steps to protect yourself through constant scrutiny of the email you receive.  A few extra moments of double checking or quarantining can save you from hours of potential downtime.

written by: Steve Heller - 10/14/2013