The value of a 'Loaner'

Can you imagine what it would be like if your mechanic would give you a loaner car to drive around in when the repairs on yours were going to take a little longer than expected, wouldn’t that make life easier?

Well, that is one of the valuable benefits that P&L Technology provides to our customers when needed. No, we don’t give you a loaner car, but we can provide your staff with a loaner computer and make sure it is loaded with the necessary applications to reduce the productivity interruptions that PC errors can cause.

I was recently working with a prospect that had been having PC ‘issues’ for several weeks and their IT provider just kept trying new things to get the PC to work correctly. You can imagine the productivity lost, the mounting frustration, and increased cost this single PC was causing. The solution was probably to wipe the machine clean and start fresh, but neither party was able to find a time that worked to allow the PC to be out of production and to accomplish the task. As a result, weeks of headaches continued.

P&L Technology understands the value of not only the technology in your office but the people who use that technology to ensure a business is successful. This is why when a situation calls for a PC to be out of commission, we simply provide you with a loaner. It’s all about being 100% Accountable and Putting Our Customers in a Position to Win!

written by: Chad Mohling - 3/14/2014