Microsoft Office 365 Migration Incentives

I recently spent a day at Microsoft’s Kansas City office learning about the company’s strategy and goals for the upcoming year. Their fiscal ends in June so there is a big push to try and end their year on a high note. Takeaways from the meeting were that Microsoft is really going all in with their cloud solutions and are willing to incentivize companies to make that transition. For example, Microsoft is offering 10% of annual subscription to be used to help offset any cost for the migration this month.

For example, we recently assisted a software company with a migration to Office 365 Midsize Business Plan. There were 25 licenses purchased at $15/license. As last month the incentive was 15%, they were able to receive $675 in funding from Microsoft to help offset the migration. In most cases there is enough savings through no longer storing, backing up and managing data, especially email, to make a move to 365 cost justifiable regardless of incentive. However, these kickbacks have made a lot of the decision making process even easier.

If you have been evaluating a move to Office 365, now may be the time to take advantage of some nice incentives from Microsoft.

written by: Steve Heller - 5/5/2014