Windows Server 2003 - Time to upgrade!

Remember the big to-do about expring support for Windows XP, and the implications for businesses? Well, Windows Server 2003 will soon be in the same boat.

In July of 2015, Microsoft will discontinue official support for the Server 2003 operating system in the same way it recently discontinued support for Windows XP on April 8th. This means that not only will technical support be unavailable if something goes wrong, but also that security updates and hotfixes will stop being released. This will leave these servers, one of the most critical components of an IT network, vulnerable to security exploits and malicious attacks. For more regulated industries, this could also put organizations out of compliance. The risk of server downtime without the promise of recovery will increase dramatically because of the lack of support, not to mention that the hardware behind Server 2003 is likely approaching its end of life.

Server 2003 was a very popular operating system, and there are stil many instances deployed. It's time to assess your IT environment and develop a plan to phase out any Server 2003 servers prior to July of next year. If you don't already have a plan in place, or you're not sure what operating system your server is running, feel free to give P&L Technology a call -- we'd be happy to assist!

 written by: Jake Molko - 5/19/2014