Your Wait is Over with Responsenology

Run your business on Nology and Get Help When You Need It

Why does it seem that so many help desks really aren’t that helpful? With P&L’s Responsenology, when your employees have questions, we’re actually ready to help. With unlimited access to our trained service desk personnel, you’ll get the answers you need to get back to doing your business.  

Because our technicians can remotely connect to your business computers, it’s just as if we were there to tackle any issue that is keeping your employees from getting work done. If a computer has frozen up, a mysterious error message keeps popping up every time you try to complete an important task, or even if you’ve forgotten how to enter a formula in Excel, we’re there for you. And, best of all, you can contact our help desk via phone, email or online.  

Ensuring your company has unlimited access to our help desk enables the person having the issue to directly contact us. This means no one else needs to get dragged in to solve a problem That also means less time is spent trying to figure out a resolution to an issue. There’s no need to be shy or shy away from our help desk – it’s unlimited contact with no extra price, and we’ve got the trained personnel waiting to help you – that’s why it’s called a help desk!

When you call the help desk, you don’t have to wait around for someone to get back to you. You don’t have to leave a voice message trying to explain your situation in 2 minutes or less. We have a live dispatch coordinator that identifies the problems and gets you to the right person to efficiently resolve your problems.

Now, that’s a help desk! And, that’s what we call Responsenology.

NOLOGY. It's so much more than tech.