Reliable Data Protection From the Cloud

Data backup is a critical function with which many small businesses struggle. Tape backup systems are error prone and take valuable time away from your staff to manage.

Sometimes you get that sneaking feeling that you forgot something. And then your systems crash and you remember what it is. You forgot – you haven’t been running your backups on a regular basis. What day was it that you last ran it, was it Friday?  Maybe it was two weeks ago Friday?  

Rest assured, with P&L Technology's Virtualnology, you will never have that feeling again. That’s because we backup your systems for you. And, best of all it’s all automated and stored in the cloud so that you don’t have to worry about where it is, if it’s been completed and how you can get a hold of it.

With our remote backup you are assured safety and security of all of your data from databases to email to all other critical files. Our secure datacenter stores all of your information where it is always available for restoration of everything from a single file to a complete system restoration.  

Data backup is one of the most critical functions that many small businesses struggle with. Either you are still using tape back-up or you signed on with some unknown remote backup program that seems to crash your systems every time it runs a backup. With P&L Technology you know we’re consistently monitoring your back-ups and making sure they happen, and that they are happening without you needing to worry about it.

Want to compare Remote Data Backup from the cloud with tape backup?  Keep Reading.

Tape Data Backup

Remote Data Backup

Significant up front hardware costs to purchase a tape drive and media (tapes)

Zero up front hardware costs.
Tape drives need replacement approximately every three years resulting in another major investment.
Zero hardware upgrade costs every three years
Significant up front software costs to purchase backup software and software agents
Zero up front software costs
Software must be renewed approximately every three years resulting in another investment in software
Zero software upgrade costs every three years
Prone to break down due to mechanical parts leaving backups incomplete until repairs can be made
No moving parts, no breakdown. Your data is always backed up
Relies on the customer’s staff to change tapes daily. Our data shows that 16% of the time this is done incorrectly or is forgotten
No customer involvement. Backups are done automatically each night
Relies on the customer’s staff to ensure tapes get offsite. This often is not done at all or only done sporadically leaving the business vulnerable to data loss in the event of a disaster
Backups are always stored safely offsite in the event of a total disaster giving peace of mind
Must be checked daily. Problems can often take hours to resolve and often require the customer’s time to help address
Failures are rare and take minutes to resolve rather than hours
Restoration of tape backup is often risky and can fail at the worst possible moment – when you need it the most. You’ve probably played an old cassette tape at some point and had very poor sound. This decline applies to data tapes as well.
Your data is stored on reliable disk in a secure data center that is offsite from your existing business. Safe, Secure, Accessible.

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