Cloud 2.0 by P&L Technology

The next generation in Cloud Computing from P&L Technology

Your virtual office, in the cloud, always available

All of your IT systems running in our Cloud 2.0.  No expensive servers to buy, maintain, or upgrade.  100% cloud based means availability and disaster recovery concerns are a thing of the past.

More productivity, less hassle

The latest productivity suites from Microsoft give you the most powerful and up-to-date versions of necessary tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.  Microsoft releases a new version?  You are automatically upgraded with no additional expense.  Access your files anywhere, from any device - PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android.  

Take collaboration to the next level

Easily and securely share documents with those outside your organization - think clients, vendors, or partners.  Instantly keep status on your team via instant message and presence status.  Host web meetings with your team or even prospects with video, audio, or screensharing capabilities.  

Runs existing Windows applications

Have Windows Applications that you know and love?  No problem.  Run these via the cloud with eased access, upgrades, and availability.  No need to learn new web browser based applications that don't fully meet your needs.

Backed by our certified support team

Have a question, problem, or get stuck?  Our trained technical specialists are standing by via phone, email, or web chat to assist.  Your employees can contact us directly without involvement from overscheduled business owners.  Get IT problems off your back.

Simple, Fixed monthly investment

All Cloud hosting, support services, software licensing, and necessary hardware provided for a fixed monthly investment.  No setup fees.  No suprises make for easy budgeting.  

Peace of Mind

Incorporates advanced security, disastery recovery, and secure data backup.  All handled automatically and without worry. 

Want to learn more?

Contact one of our experts who will answer any questions you have or help you get started with Cloud 2.0.  Call 402-330-9580 or use our web inquiry today.